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    Discover Hath Yoga at ₹1010 ₹510/- only

    Includes a lifetime access to
    Yoga Community

    Sadhyog teachers

    Sadhyog teachers have tasted materialistic success, 7 figure salaries, degrees from premium colleges, coveted job positions, and so on…but this hasn’t been enough.

    After experiencing Isha Hatha Yoga, a journey of inner transformations began, which has been far more fulfilling than any other outside world accomplishments.

    It’s our endeavor to bring an authentic Yoga Culture to Gurgaon.

    Dilbag, 41

    MBA (XLRI)
    15+ years corporate

    Rushik, 29

    MBA (MDI Gurgaon)
    4+ yrs corporate


    Designer, (NIFT)
    3+ yrs freelance

    Frequently Asked Questions

    90% of participants at Sadhyog are first timers and have reaped the benefits. We ensure to give the necessary asana modifications needed at individual level

    Everyone has a different starting point. We give the necessary asana modifications so that people with lesser flexibility can also get the same benefit from the practices.

    We are open 7 days a week from 5:30 to 10 am.  We have multiple batches and flexible timings. You can come anytime like gym.

    90 Days program – 10,900/-

    In workshops, we meticulously teach the practice. Once you’ve learned the practice, you do it daily on your own.


    In daily classes, you come to the studio regularly and do the practice under the guidance and supervision of the teachers. This helps in building a discipline, perfecting the asanas and getting results quicker than otherwise.

    Daily classes follow a yogic routine consisting of multiple practices. It includes physical practices, Yogic breathing (Pranayama), Nada Yoga (Chanting) and meditation.

    Yes, we teach meditation. It is taught both in the workshop and the daily guided sessions.

    In yoga, we look at the human body as five sheaths. The first sheath is called annamaya kosha or the “food body,” because what you call as the physical body is just a heap of food. The second sheath is called manomaya kosha or the mental body. These two layers can only function in connection with the third dimension, the energy body or pranamaya kosha. You can compare this to computers today – there is hardware and software, but by themselves they cannot do anything unless you plug the computer into quality power.

    Pranamaya kosha is the dimension in which the Isha Hatha Yoga practices function. If you keep your pranamaya kosha in perfect balance and fully activated, there can be no such thing as disease either in your physical or mental body. 

    For how long can I practice at studio?


    Initially it will take you 60-75 minutes. But there is no time limit. We have participants who spend 3-4 hours completing their practices.

    Morning batch:

    C-48, Rosewood City, Sector 49



    Evening batch:

    632, Sector 45


    Isha Hatha Yoga is what is known as ‘Classical Hatha Yoga’. So we are able to offer Yogasanas in its classical form. This means you will learn Yogasnas in its purest form. Originally all yoga was maintained through an ancient method of transmitting yoga in a very careful way to maintain its integrity without a minute distortion. Maintaining the purity of the practice essentially means accessing the original blueprints perceived by the yogis of the yore. These are the methods they used to master their own system to go beyond their limitations. By learning these Yogasanas and receiving them through the classical method, allows that same opportunities for those who receive and regularly practice.

    Need yoga for health concerns (weight loss | PCOD | Back/neck pain | Diabetes)

    (Video of Rashmi akka)



    Want to be more peaceful and calm




    Increase productivity | Reduce work stress



    General health and fitness

    (Ruchi Thakur)


    Discover Hath Yoga at ₹1010 ₹510/- only

    Includes a lifetime access to
    Yoga Community

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    Need yoga for health concerns (weight loss | PCOD | Back/neck pain | Diabetes)

    Want to be more peaceful and calm

    General health and fitness

    Increase productivity | Reduce work stress

    Discover Hath Yoga at ₹1010 ₹510/- only

    Includes a lifetime access to
    Yoga Community

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    90 days Inner transformation program