90 days Inner transformation program

Yogic Bliss is for you if you're looking to dramatically transform your life

(benefits visible in just 7 days)

includes asanas, pranayama, meditations & more

Suitable for beginners. No prior yoga experience is required. 

Practices designed by Sadhguru & taught by teachers trained under Sadhguru

Yogic Bliss is for you if you're looking to dramatically transform your life

(benefits visible in just 7 days)

Practices designed by Sadhguru & taught by teachers trained under Sadhguru

Your inner transformation
starts here

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What's included?

Yoga classes conducted in a space positively energized by Sadhguru Sannidhi Yantra

Workshop - Learn 5 powerful yogic practices

At Sadhyog Yoga centre, learn 10000+ years old practices that have been passed on without any distortion over generations in the sacred yogic tradition

5 days a week guided classes at the yoga center

Make the practices a part of your system with regular practice, corrections & support.

Yogic Diet course: based on Sadhguru's wisdom on food

Includes easy-to-make recipes

As you practice Isha Hatha Yoga, your sensitivity & awareness toward food will enhance. Food sessions by our yoga teachers to help you make the right & easy to cook food choices that you can bring into your routine.

Guided meditations by Sadhguru

6 Powerful meditations, designed by Isha Foundation, that have the potential to transform the life of anyone who is willing to invest just a few minutes a day

7 Unique practice sequences

Break the monotony & bring a variety to your daily practice

Program Benefits

Boost energy levels

Stop mental chatter

Develop emotional stability

Enhance clarity in life

Improve your relationships

Some glimpses🌸

See how far is our studio from your place

Individual attention & hand-holding
Join the fastest-growing yogic community

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Over 100 blissful participants and we have outlined a few sharings below.

Sadhyog is not like a regular yoga class where you follow a usual set of practices in a dark basement, following the trainer's instructions. Sadhyog is an experience! I have been to two studios, that are pristine white with a high level of cleanliness & hygiene, beautifully kept and add to one's experience. The sessions are structured to address inner & outer transformation, the trainers make you feel welcomed, and the studios make you feel peaceful, and this makes me excited to go for the sessions.

Ruchita Chhabra

I have finally found the right place. Now I wake up at 5 am every day and head straight to the Studio... That place is my charging point.

Nikhil Copywriter

The teachers take great care in ensuring personal attention to every student and patiently explain every nuance. Their knowledge and style of coaching are very helpful and the ambiance of the yoga studio is very soothing. I have tried multiple instructors and few other yoga studios but have really loved the experience here!

Kashish Student

Isha Hatha Yoga is indeed one of the most relaxing and transforming yoga I have ever learned. The way it is taught is amazing. Just 2 days and I can feel myself to be more calm and relaxed.

Neha Entrepreneur

    The modern lifestyle takes a toll on you at all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

    Yogic Bliss is a unique opportunity for you to take charge of your life using time-tested yogic tools and wisdom.

    At Sadhyog, we provide the necessary hand-holding and Support for you to inner engineer yourself and transition. 

    With a team of Dedicated yoga teachers who themselves live by the yogic way, you get the right inspiration and guidance you were always looking for.

    Sadhyog Teachers

    Dilbag, 41

    MBA (XLRI)
    15+ years corporate

    Sadhyog Teachers

    Rushik, 29

    MBA (MDI Gurgaon)
    4+ yrs corporate

    Sadhyog Teachers


    Designer, (NIFT)
    3+ yrs freelance

    Sadhyog Teachers

    Hetal Mody, 44

    10+ years of yoga teaching experience

    Batch timings


    Early morning
    06:00-07:15 AM

    After sunrise
    7:30-8:45 am

    Super Moms
    09:00 to 10:15 AM

    flexible timings option available*

    Who is this for?

    Individual attention & hand-holding
    Join the fastest-growing yogic community.

    Limited period offer 55% off

    on WhatsApp

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can renew the subscription. We also conduct advanced programs in which you can learn new practices.

    90% of participants at Sadhyog are first timers and have reaped the benefits. We ensure to give the necessary asana modifications needed at individual level

    • Early morning: 06:00-07:15 AM
    • After sunrise: 07:30-08:45 AM
    • Super Moms: 09:00 to 10:15 AM

    flexible timings option available*

    Aumtara Studio

    Mayuresh Square, 201,

    CBD Belapur Sector 15,

    Next to the croma showroom.

    Navi Mumbai 400614

    Google Maps: https://g.co/kgs/KUt4vE

    No, currently we are only operating at a single location. 

    In workshops, we meticulously teach the practice. Once you’ve learned the practice, you do it daily and perfect it in guided classes in presence of a teacher.

    No limit. You can do self-practice as long as you want. We have participants who spend 3-4 hours completing all of their practices. The guided classes are 75 minutes

    Isha Hatha Yoga is what is known as ‘Classical Hatha Yoga’. So we are able to offer practices in its classical form. This means you will learn practices in its purest form. Originally all yoga was maintained through an ancient method of transmitting yoga in a very careful way to maintain its integrity without a minute distortion. Maintaining the purity of the practice essentially means accessing the original blueprints perceived by the yogis of the yore. These are the methods they used to master their own system to go beyond their limitations. By learning these practices and receiving them through the classical method, allows that same opportunities for those who receive and regularly practice.

    Sadhguru says you should do these practices for atleast 6 months to realize the significance of it. It’s very easy to give it up in early stage. Since 180 days becomes too long a commitment, we’ve made it half.

    Yes. Weekends are self practice.

    Not necessarily. Guided class batches are a support for you to build a certain discipline and regularity where a teacher guides you daily. Once you’ve developed the discipline, you can do self practice in a time-window that works best for you

    90 days is the duration starting from the day you start. You can say 3 months duration.

    Everyone has a different starting point. We give the necessary asana modifications so that people with lesser flexibility can also get the same benefit from the practices.

    Daily classes follow a yogic routine consisting of multiple practices. It includes physical practices, Yogic breathing (Pranayama), Nada Yoga (Chanting) and meditation.

    Yes, we teach meditation. It is taught both in the workshop and the daily guided sessions.

    In yoga, we look at the human body as five sheaths. The first sheath is called annamaya kosha or the “food body,” because what you call as the physical body is just a heap of food. The second sheath is called manomaya kosha or the mental body. These two layers can only function in connection with the third dimension, the energy body or pranamaya kosha. You can compare this to computers today – there is hardware and software, but by themselves they cannot do anything unless you plug the computer into quality power.
    Pranamaya kosha is the dimension in which the Isha Hatha Yoga practices function. If you keep your pranamaya kosha in perfect balance and fully activated, there can be no such thing as disease either in your physical or mental body.

    Got Questions?