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The image of a Yogi Blissfully sitting in meditation or dhyan has attracted many towards Yoga. They see meditation as the ultimate panacea for all their sufferings: stress, anxiety and depression. But the moment they sit in cross-legged posture, with their eyes closed, they realise meditation is far from being a blissful state. Most experience it as a torture both physically and mentally.

What is the reason for it? This is because the necessary preparation has not happened. Preparing the body and mind sufficiently before one tries meditation is very important. Sadhguru says “At least 80% of humanity will not be able to do any kind of meditation in their life unless they do some kind of physical preparation.” Hatha Yoga is towards that. Hatha Yoga ensures that the body takes it gently and joyfully. Asanas prepare you for growth and transformation by equipping you with a solid foundation.

There are various levels of doing Asanas. On the surface level, Hatha Yoga Trains the physical body in such a way that it becomes flexible and resilient. It improves joint health and muscle flexibility making it easier for one to sit comfortably in cross-legged posture. Hatha Yoga activates the internal organs like lungs and heart invigorating the system. It also reduces compulsive tendencies of body like ingestion, excretion and sleep allowing one to sit in meditation for long periods.

At a subtler level, Hatha Yoga acts on your thought and emotion. If you want to sit still, just working on your body is not good enough – you have to work upon your mind too. The way you think, feel, and experience life can be altered if you consciously hold an asana. Holding asanas for certain period of time makes changes at physiological and psychological levels. Sitting in meditation in this state of mind alters the whole experience of meditation a joyful experience.

Hatha Yoga works at even more subtler level. Hatha is comprised of two words – Ha and Tha, representing Pingala and Ida nadis through which energy moves within the human system. And Hatha Yoga is a complete science of bringing a balance between the two. When one wants to move into deeper dimensions of meditation, Hatha Yoga allows for a higher possibility of energy. If you want your energy serge upwards, it is very important that the pipeline of the body is conducive. If it is blocked, it will not work, or else, something will burst. Hatha Yoga is subtle process of removing the blocks and manipulating your energy in a certain direction.

For meditation to become a joyful, blissful and wonderful experience of growth, one needs to put in the necessary preparation. Hatha Yoga prepares the human system – body, mind, emotion and energy for realising this experience. This powerful process can enhance perception, and create a chemistry of healthfulness and joyfulness. And then diving deep into meditation will be a blissful experience- an end of all sufferings.